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Why am I starting a blog? Aren’t there enough beauty, lifestyle or mom blogs out there?

This question I have been asking myself for too long. Many, many years ago, I had the desire to start my own blog because I felt I had so much to say about makeup and beauty, and that it would be a waste not to share my insights, because I’m a cosmetics addict to heart.

But I lacked confidence and never thought I could do it all by myself. Now a decade and 3 kids later, I still am a beautyholic and bloggavore, and the feeling that I had to set up a blog of my own became more and more compelling.

How do I think I’m different?

I don’t see myself as different really, on the contrary. I think I’m a regular, average type of person. I’m not incredibly talented, nor a beauty, nor a fashion expert, nor an hilarious dude. But I’m trying to be real and relatable. There’s nothing perfect about me, my life, or this blog.

The irony is that I in fact am a perfectionist, but obviously I have to deal with all my imperfections, ’cause I’m stuck with them!

How did I came up with my strange blog name?

Dorky mama

There was definitely a lot of self-brainstorming around this choice… but I finally thought about how I wasn’t that typical beautiful savvy blogger whose looks/outfits/house/kids/ hubby/dog, you name it, are always picture-perfect, and rather could be your girl next door. And I’m so awkward that I thought it would be fun to twist this title to ‘dork’. Dorky, I know. That’s the point 🙂

Disclaimer: I do not mean to criticize or put down any beautiful/successful blogger at all. I myself am an avid reader of a bunch of these kind of blogs, and enjoy them and look up to their authors. I simply want to acknowledge that (sadly) I do not play in the same league – if that makes sense.

What will this blog be about?

Mainly cosmetics and kids/parenting related contents, which are the main two focuses on my mind at the moment, but there will also a be a few recipes and maybe fashion and lifestyle entries, as well as random reflections on relationships and maybe society topics.

I’ll share tips and reviews, because I have too many products not to!

Also, I’m far from knowing it all and I intend this to be a contributive platform to share knowledge and exchange tips, so I’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and insights.

Why did I choose to blog in English?

So you may have guessed it from my writing or grammar, but I’m not a native speaker. You’ll definitely hear it in my videos. It makes me sound incredibly awkward. But, let’s admit it, English is the vernacular language that a majority of the people living on this earth understand and read.

Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to get started and get to know my (hopeful) readers!

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    1. Thank you, you’re being so sweet! I appreciate the feedback, and even more that you read the blog!
      And please let me know when my English gets awkward, because I Know it will eventually! 🙂

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