Life-altering hack I wish I knew earlier

Did you ever wonder why baby onesies have this neckline?


Well I didn’t for years. Or rather, I assumed it was meant to help pulling the onesie over the baby’s head, because everyone knows that babies’ heads are disproportionate.

Boy, was I wrong.

Not too long ago, procrastinating on this great moms blog Facebook page, I discovered that the point of this folded neckline was actually to take the onesie off downwards, and not up.


If you have ever approached a newborn, you know these little bundles of joy poop all day long, especially in the first months. And more often than not, it smears all the way up to their back and to the sides of their legs in the process – aka diaper leak. Taking the onesie off over the baby’s head basically equals smearing poop on their back/shoulders/hair/face – you get the idea.

Taking it off downwards sounds a better option, right?

Share with anyone you know has a baby, takes care of a baby, or knows someone who has a baby! The poopy-onesie-taken-off-over-the-baby’s-head thing must come to an end!

Have a great week start!

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