Kids summer outfits

Summer is finally here! Whoop whoop!

Truth be told, we have one to two months of warm weather here at most, but I cannot resist all these cute babies and kids summery outfits. Plus, children grow out of their clothes so fast, you get an excuse to indulge in adorable new attire each year! I don’t know about you, but I feel much less guilt when I shop for my little ones than for myself 😉

Thanks heaven for grandmas!

Taaake oon meee!! (A-ha)

My mom bought this lovely girl’s dress from Jacadi and we’re obsessed with its vibrant color! I love bold colors on anyone really, but they look especially dashing on brunettes and darker skintones.

Faux-sailor suit, real swag

I might be jumping a little late in the trompe-l’oeil print bandwagon, but I love this H&M set:

I know, the soccer ball is not really nautical theme-appropriate, but a mom’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to take a photo

The good thing about 18 months-olds is they don’t have their say on your personal stylist skills, HA!

Handle the super-hero thing with grace

What 4-year-old would resist a good superhero tee? I usually feel like superhero garments look cheap, tacky and I dislike the typical mismatched color scheme; but I tolerate this one from Mango Kids, because it has kind of a vintage vibe. Pair it with shorts and a cool straw hat and you should be able to cope with it. I think Mango doesn’t sell boys clothing online yet.

Supermanmask (2)
Saving the world one t-shirt at a time

Now at preschool, my son’s classmates basically believe I’m one hell of a mom. I got a bunch of little boys’ requests to buy them the same shirt, haha! #askyourownmomdude #butshewont #imsuchacoolmomthough

 What kind of summer clothes do you like to buy for the kids? Do you consent to buy outfits of their choices that you don’t really like?

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  1. You are one cute mom! I think your tips are fun and useful! I love the photos, especially the one where you were being called in by the dentist.

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