Current obsession: LORAC Unzipped Gold

Bday breakfast
Holy Molly isn’t this eye candy?

A couple weeks ago it was my birthday, and this one was epic! First I got to sleep in an extra hour, which is a mom luxury, and I woke up to this → → →

I didn’t cook any meal that day, which was aaaawesome… And I was treated with some rad makeup and new clothes! What’s not to like about that?

Among other things I was gifted the LORAC Unzipped Gold Palette, which I had been eyeing since its release in early 2015…

LORAC Unzipped Gold
Meet myyy prrrrecious!

LORAC isn’t sold in Europe, and overseas shipping fees can sometimes exceed the product price, so I first tried to postpone and pretend I didn’t need it… Because let’s be honest, I have like, 20 neutral palettes in my make up drawers… no, just kidding, I have, like, 40! But I’m so glad I finally decided to take a plunge and order it as a birthday present from my bae!

I usually buy online from because I trust them vs. eBay where you can end up with fakes, but this time, as I ordered this palette too, which price tag and shipping fees were way to high on Amazon, I bought it from It’s an online US-based beauty boutique that ships in a number of countries, and carries makeup that isn’t otherwise available worlwide (LORAC, Kat Von D, It Cosmetics, Tarte…)

 So here’s the baby, up close and personal:

LORAC Unzipped Gold Closeup YGND
Isn’t she gorgeous?

What do I love about this palette? Well to boil it down, I think LORAC carries one of the best eyeshadows formulas EVER. And trust me, I’ve tried a lot of high-end, middle-end and drugstore eyeshadows. I yet have to meet one that beats LORAC.

It is sooooo pigmented and buttery-smooth, yet has THE. best. staying. power. EVER!

The colors lean on the warmer side, which I find to be the easiest color range to work with. I’m positive it would suit a wide array of colorings, from fair to dark. And while those shimmering golds, sparkly champagnes, and glistening burgundy browns scream summer to me, I think this palette is the bomb year-round. As to shades description and dupes, after hours of swatching and comparing, I only came up with 4 possible dupes, but I’m not giving in and will update this post as I (hopefully) find new ones.

Lorac Unzipped Gold makeup description and dupes

Because it is so soft, don’t be a beast with these eyeshadows and rummage your brush through it like you’re trying to scrape the last remnants from the Nutella jar!

Rummaging through the palette
Acting like a beast with buttery-soft eyeshadow is a notorious no-no!

Just barely caress the pan with your brush, be gentle, be respectful… and give your brush an ever-so-slight flick to get rid of any excess (aka fallout)… Then thoughtfully, reverentially apply it to your eyelids… And beam in amazement at the instant payoff! Go ahead and do a little victory dance while you’re at it!

dorkyvictorydanceThen hop around again when you check yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and see that everything’s  still where it belongs.

I am obsessed with my new baby, and have to convince myself to NOT use this palette everyday.

Are you impressed? What are your favorite palettes currently? Share your makeup addictions and make a girl feel a little less inadequate in the process!

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