Chewing gum disaster antidote

So your cherub got chewing gum stuck all over his hair, brows or even lashes? Or way better, got it stuck in yours? Put away those scissors. Lay down those combs and brushes. Pour yourselves a (soft) drink, clink glasses and relax. No wine required here – unless you were looking for an excuse to have a glass. You sneaky you.


Because there’s a simple, basic, foolproof way to remove this nasty sticky gunk from your kid’s/your own crowning glory without any tugging, hair-pulling and self-esteem-smashing.

And the good news is, it’s the cheapest of tricks and it requires only ONE ingredient that you cannot possibly fail to have in your kitchen: oil. Any kind of cooking oil. I used olive oil because of its well-known hair repairing properties. But any oil will do the trick.

Take a wash cloth, pour some good ol’ oil on it and rub on the distressed area…then let the magic happen as you watch the chewing gum vanish into nothingness!

Olive oil miracle
Simple algebra

It saved my son’s mane and eyelashes a couple months ago, and I’m so, soooo glad I gave it a second thought before going snip-snip on his adorable coils and curls. Which I did a few weeks later, but that’s a whole other story. And it’s not because of chewing gum, I promise.

You’ll thank me later!

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